Historic Marker Dedication at the Conyn Homestead


Greetings past and new members of the Claverack Historical Society (CHS)! We have wonderful news. After a hiatus precipitated by the covid pandemic, the CHS is in the process of reinvigorating itself. We have put together a team of volunteers enthused about Claverack and its notable history.

Here is how we want to kick off the reinvigoration. Members of the Claverack Historic Society are invited to attend and to participate in historic marker dedication open house and ceremonies for the Conyn Homestead—also known as Locust Dale Farm and the Conyn-Van Rensselaer Home, on Sunday, July 21, 2024, 12noon-3pm. This magnificent, fully restored, Dutch style home was built by the Conyn family who completed the house in 1766. Come and learn about the Conyn family’s contributions to Claverack’s history, meet your neighbors and the Fuller/Ginsberg families. The historic marker for the homestead was made possible by a grant from the William G. Pomeroy Foundation.

In-order-to make it possible for the Claverack Historical Society to flourish we need you! Renew your membership now and invite your friends and families to join too! We look forward to many programs in the future about our town and the people who have called it home. Renewing membership and joining as a new member are easy to do and affordable. Please see our membership renewal flier. Consider becoming a Sustaining Member, volunteer for a position, or for a day, and help us to promote and save our historic landmarks.

The Claverack Historic Society has renewed its interim charter with the NYS Department of Education and is preparing for 501c3 nonprofit status.

I look forward to personally welcoming you to the Conyn Homestead, July 21st.
Yours truly,
Kara Keeler

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