Zoom Meeting – Friday, November 26th

After speaking with several persons interested in Claverack’s history, there is sufficient concern and motivation to move forward with the organization. You may already know that historical societies and museums have been badly hurt over the past year and the fact that Claverack’s historical organization was in its early stages when it hit, is significant. The record keeping and relationship with NYS Dept of Education, the interim charter, website, and membership contacts are in perfect order thanks to Nate and Bob so picking back up where it left off is only a matter of scheduling the next meeting and thinking of ways to have some fun with the, town of Claverack’s very own, historical society. State Education Department recommends pooling volunteers, merging organizations, and sharing calendars to help organizations navigate this unprecedented time and they are there to help. The interim charter is in effect until March 2022 when it can be extended or converted into the permanent charter.

The priority of the Claverack Historical Society, before the covid shut down, was to secure a small home for it where artifacts and historic collections about the town can be exhibited. The society’s collections are accessioned and stored safely in archival materials in a climate-controlled closet, in the interim period, where anyone who wishes can access the collections by appointment. The goal is to find a home where these interesting Claverack artifacts can be displayed for all to see. Over the years so many of Claverack’s artifacts and documents were disposed of or given away. If the society does not continue, due to lack of interest, the collections must be donated to another museum or society. To learn more and to see some of the collections go to the website at: https://www.claverackhistoricalsociety.org/

The Claverack Historical Society needs your help and requests your attendance at this important zoom meeting to discuss the future of the CHS.

Topic: Claverack Historical Society Meeting
Time: Nov 26, 2021 10:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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